Sedona E-Bike Tours

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March 30, 2018

Sedona E-Bike Tours

Cycling around Sedona is a spectacular way to see the rock formations, zip through traffic, and park anywhere. However, Sedona’s hilly terrain can be quite a challenge, even for the experienced cyclist. For that reason many people are deterred from booking a bicycle tour and miss this opportunity. Riding a pedal assist electric motor changes the game. Hills are no longer a dreaded sight but rather an empowering experience! Basically, the electric assist motor matches the effort you put into your pedals, you become super-human! The catch is, if you don’t pedal you don’t go anywhere! Each bike has four pedal assist levels that you will learn to use effectively from your tour guide. About the FAT tires. Because eBikes travel at a higher average speed, standard bike components such as suspension/shocks, do not respond appropriately. Low inflation Fat tires smooth out the ride, roll over any road debris, and provide stable traction on the road. Our signature tour begins with one of the most beautiful scenic byways in America. We ride to major trail heads where your guide will talk about the major rock formations, history, and trails. And show you photos of Sedona movie history, local wildlife and more. Next we stop at the historic Chapel of the Holy Cross without having to worry about parking! After the Chapel, riders will have a choice to continue into Uptown Sedona or return to the Village of Oak Creek. Great photo ops throughout the tour! Requires basic level of fitness.

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